Social Media

Nowadays, social networks have become an essential part of our lives, involving us and directing our interests as well as our time. In addition, through them communication has evolved and even in the business world these have gained indispensable importance for the credibility and integrity of companies. In fact, we can safely say that if something interests us, such as a physical store, a brand or a restaurant, in all likelihood before we go in person to find out about it we will take a tour of its social profiles to see if it is active, what kind of content it shares and how it conveys its messages. And it is through this information that we get an initial idea about the object of the research.

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Social media strategy

From game theory we know that a strategy represents a set of moves useful for moving pawns (of a chessboard). Similarly, a social media strategy must give the basis for Figure out how to move on social to achieve our goals. In the operational world there will always be a thousand contingencies, but defining guidelines for creating editorial plans, advertising campaigns, community management and so on will simplify operational work. A strategy therefore does not replace practice, but simplifies and guides it.

Get Noticed

94% of people do at least one search before they buy and in just 8-10 seconds decide whether or not to read your content, that is, whether or not to stop by your site. Furthermore, from the Digital 2021 report prepared by We Are Social and Hootsuite, more than 50 million people in Italy every day search for information online before purchasing goods or services, and entertain themselves from mobile. That said, it is clear that being online is increasingly important but increasingly difficult to be recognized and remembered. Our professionals will help you in this difficult task.

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