Golf event organization

We organize high-level events for Companies, Associations and freelancers who want to promote their brand, placing themselves in an ideal environment to develop brand and business. We create unique days of branding, communication and discussion that are exciting and memorable for those who take part, and that they will remember over time. In beautiful and relaxing settings, it is easier to make the right connection with one’s customers and find new ones.


types of services

race or circuto

We organize single-lap races or real circuits with multiple laps and in different fields. We take care of all aspects, from contacting the golf club, organizing the race day, booths, sails, gadgets and more. Our consultancy also takes care of the premaximization, selection and retrieval of prizes, ringfresco, and whatever is needed to make the day unforgettable.


We organize special days for companies that want to give their customers unique experiences on a golf course. Dedicated and exclusive competitions, clinique with professionals, we combine moments dedicated to golf with moments where the company can present and showcase its products. We take care of lunch or dinner arrangements to make the event complete.

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